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The kernel contains the PHL, MAC and DLC layers.

The DECT source code is contained in drivers/dect, net/dect and include/net/dect. The code can be viewed online at

Physical (PHL) Layer

The PHL layer is implemented as generic DECT transceiver interface and a set of drivers. A virtual transceiver driver can be used for testing, see Supported Hardware for supported real hardware.

Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer

The MAC layer consists of the Cell Site Functions and Cluster Control Functions. For multi-cell systems a so far untested TIPC-based network protocol exists for communication between the two entities.

Data Link Control (DLC) Layer

The DLC layer contains the DLC C-plane and U-plane. The U-plane contains support for the LU1 SAP (Voice transmission). The DLC protocols offer a socket API to userspace. Applications would usually not use the socket API directly, but through libdect.