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Build instructions

Some manual changes are currently necessary to build the entire stack. Please follow these instructions:


Select the following options to enable DECT:

CONFIG_DECT_COA_PCI=m (for Com-on-Air PCI cards)
CONFIG_DECT_COA_CS=m (for Com-on-Air PCMCIA cards)
CONFIG_DECT_VTRX=m (for the virtual transceiver driver)

Build and install as usual.

Next, run "make headers_install" and install the headers necessary to build libnl and libdect:

# make headers_install
# su
# cp usr/include/linux/socket.h		/usr/include/linux/
# cp usr/include/linux/netlink.h	/usr/include/linux/
# cp usr/include/linux/dect*		/usr/include/linux/

Edit the /usr/include/linux/dect_netlink.h file and delete the "enum dect_ari_classes". This is temporarily necessary because of namespace clashes with userspace.

The Com-on-Air firmware can optionally be rebuilt during the build process. This requires the ASL macro assembler, which can be found at:


libnl contains support for the administrative DECT Netlink API and some LLME operations. Additionally there are some example programs for the netlink API, which are currently also used for configuration.

# sh
# sh configure
# make
# make install


libdect contains the DECT NWK layer and some auxiliary functions.

Build instructions:

# sh
# sh configure [ --enable-doc ]
# make
# make install

The installed headers currently depend on a libdect-internal file, you need to manually copy include/list.h to /usr/include/dect/ and adjust libdect.h to include dect/list.h instead of list.h. This is only necessary to build external applications, like asterisk, not for the included example programs.


DECT channel plugin for asterisk.

Build instructions:

# sh
# sh configure
# make
# make install

An example configuration file called dect.conf is included.