wiki:Build instructions

Build instructions

Some manual changes are currently necessary to build the entire stack. Please follow these instructions:


Select the following options to enable DECT:

CONFIG_DECT_COA_PCI=m (for Com-on-Air PCI cards)
CONFIG_DECT_COA_CS=m (for Com-on-Air PCMCIA cards)
CONFIG_DECT_VTRX=m (for the virtual transceiver driver)

To avoid audio buffer underruns with asterisk, you should also select


In order to dynamically enable runtime debugging through debugfs when things don't work, select


Build and install as usual.

Next, run make headers_install and install the headers necessary to build libnl and libdect:

# make headers_install
# su
# cp usr/include/linux/socket.h		/usr/include/linux/
# cp usr/include/linux/netlink.h	/usr/include/linux/
# cp usr/include/linux/dect*		/usr/include/linux/

Edit the /usr/include/linux/dect_netlink.h file and delete the enum dect_ari_classes. This is temporarily necessary because of namespace clashes with userspace (Ticket: #2).

The Com-on-Air firmware can optionally be rebuilt during the build process. This requires the ASL macro assembler, which can be found at: A modified version with support for the SC1445x/1448x family is available in the git repository at git://, however this is currently not required.


libnl contains support for the administrative DECT Netlink API and some LLME operations. Additionally there are some example programs for the netlink API, which are currently also used for configuration.

# sh
# sh configure
# make
# make install


libdect contains the DECT NWK layer and some auxiliary functions.

Build instructions:

# sh
# sh configure [ --enable-doc ]
# make
# make install


DECT channel plugin for asterisk.

Build instructions:

# sh
# sh configure
# make
# make install

An example configuration file called dect.conf is included.


libpcap including support for raw DECT frame sniffing.

Build instructions:

# autoconf
# sh configure
# make
# make install

Applications linking against libpcap with DECT support additionally need to link against libnl-dect.

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