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#6 tipc problems while building on Ubuntu kernel stack defect Oct 20, 2010

I have cloned the git repository, and followed this tutorial to get my new kernel built: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild

I changed all the values in .config to enable DECT functionality, and this is what I get when I try to compile the kernel:

net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_send_to_cluster':
ccp.c:(.text+0x95e91): undefined reference to `tipc_send_buf'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_send_to_cell':
ccp.c:(.text+0x95f31): undefined reference to `tipc_send_buf'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_bind_cell':
ccp.c:(.text+0x9656b): undefined reference to `tipc_attach'
ccp.c:(.text+0x965c5): undefined reference to `tipc_createport'
ccp.c:(.text+0x96635): undefined reference to `tipc_send2name'
ccp.c:(.text+0x96657): undefined reference to `tipc_deleteport'
ccp.c:(.text+0x9665f): undefined reference to `tipc_detach'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_subscr_rcv':
ccp.c:(.text+0x966fb): undefined reference to `tipc_createport'
ccp.c:(.text+0x96731): undefined reference to `tipc_send2name'
ccp.c:(.text+0x96741): undefined reference to `tipc_deleteport'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_init':
(.text+0x96a3f): undefined reference to `tipc_attach'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_init':
(.text+0x96a96): undefined reference to `tipc_createport'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_init':
(.text+0x96ac5): undefined reference to `tipc_publish'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_init':
(.text+0x96add): undefined reference to `tipc_deleteport'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_init':
(.text+0x96ae5): undefined reference to `tipc_detach'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cl_named_msg':
ccp.c:(.text+0x97235): undefined reference to `tipc_createport'
ccp.c:(.text+0x97245): undefined reference to `tipc_connect2port'
ccp.c:(.text+0x9725a): undefined reference to `tipc_send'
ccp.c:(.text+0x97273): undefined reference to `tipc_disconnect'
ccp.c:(.text+0x9727b): undefined reference to `tipc_deleteport'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_unbind_cell':
ccp.c:(.text+0x96524): undefined reference to `tipc_detach'
net/built-in.o: In function `dect_ccp_cluster_shutdown':
(.text+0x96534): undefined reference to `tipc_detach'
make[1]: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wpld/dect_kernel'
make: *** [debian/stamp-build-kernel] Error 2

I searched for tipc.h files, and found 3 of them:

./include/config/tipc.h ./include/linux/tipc.h ./include/net/tipc/tipc.h

I found out that the linux/tipc.h isn't included in the cpp.c program, however the net/tipc/tipc.h includes it anyway. The problematic functions are all correctly defined in the latter two tipc libraries, but somehow it doesn't work for me.

The config/tipc.h is an empty file.

Thanks for your help.

#21 Kernel Oops when loading com_on_air_cs (unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference) Com-on-Air drivers defect May 19, 2011

When loading the com_on_air_cs module, either auto loaded in-kernel or using modprobe, the loading doesn't succeed and dmesg shows the following:

[ 22.718941] com_on_air_cs 0.0: DOSCH-AMAND MMAP PCMCIA MXM500 V1.00 [ 22.758791] com_on_air_cs 0.0: Radio type LMX3161 [ 22.766869] com_on_air_cs 0.0: Loading firmware ... [ 22.767483] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null) [ 22.767599] IP: [< (null)>] (null) [ 22.767653] *pde = 00000000 [ 22.767700] Oops: 0000 #1 SMP [ 22.767749] last sysfs file: /sys/module/pcmcia/initstate [ 22.767821] Modules linked in: com_on_air_cs(+) com_on_air dect_csf dect snd_intel8x0 snd_ac97_codec ac97_bus snd_pcm snd_seq_midi snd_rawmidi i915 snd_seq_midi_even t pcmcia snd_seq drm_kms_helper snd_timer snd_seq_device drm snd ppdev yenta_socket parport_pc pcmcia_rsrc i2c_algo_bit soundcore intel_agp lp intel_gtt psmouse pcmcia_ core joydev video parport serio_raw dcdbas agpgart snd_page_alloc tg3 usbhid hid [ 22.768006] [ 22.768006] Pid: 746, comm: modprobe Not tainted 2.6.38+ #2 Dell Inc. OptiPlex? GX620 /0FH884 [ 22.768006] EIP: 0060:[<00000000>] EFLAGS: 00010246 CPU: 1 [ 22.768006] EIP is at 0x0 [ 22.768006] EAX: dd0fdddc EBX: dd0fdddc ECX: e005d39c EDX: 00000100 [ 22.768006] ESI: 00000001 EDI: 00000100 EBP: dc6c3d74 ESP: dc6c3d34 [ 22.768006] DS: 007b ES: 007b FS: 00d8 GS: 00e0 SS: 0068 [ 22.768006] Process modprobe (pid: 746, ti=dc6c2000 task=dc82cbc0 task.ti=dc6c2000) [ 22.768006] Stack: [ 22.768006] e005c77a ddaa9470 e005d3e7 c0406ced c0774660 c072d916 e0063534 07fd86b0 [ 22.768006] dc6c3d68 ddaa9400 0700dddc 00000004 00000020 ddaa9400 dd0fdddc 0df519bb [ 22.768006] dc6c3dc0 e006338d ddaa9470 e00634c3 e005d422 dc5f63b0 dd7b86e0 dd7b86b8 [ 22.768006] Call Trace: [ 22.768006] [<e005c77a>] ? sc1442x_init_device+0x35a/0x3d0 [com_on_air] [ 22.768006] [<c0406ced>] ? dev_printk+0x3d/0x80 [ 22.768006] [<e006338d>] com_on_air_probe+0x29d/0x360 [com_on_air_cs] [ 22.768006] [<dff2097b>] pcmcia_device_probe+0xab/0x1a0 [pcmcia] [ 22.768006] [<c040a700>] ? driver_sysfs_add+0x20/0x90 [ 22.768006] [<c040a85f>] driver_probe_device+0x7f/0x190 [ 22.768006] [<dff21646>] ? pcmcia_bus_match+0x226/0x460 [pcmcia] [ 22.768006] [<c040a9f1>] driver_attach+0x81/0x90 [ 22.768006] [<c0409e73>] bus_for_each_dev+0x53/0x80 [ 22.768006] [<c040a6de>] driver_attach+0x1e/0x20 [ 22.768006] [<c040a970>] ? driver_attach+0x0/0x90 [ 22.768006] [<c040a0f0>] bus_add_driver+0xc0/0x240 [ 22.768006] [<dff20780>] ? pcmcia_device_remove+0x0/0x150 [pcmcia] [ 22.768006] [<c040acea>] driver_register+0x6a/0x130 [ 22.768006] [<c01b3ffa>] ? ftrace_process_locs+0x16a/0x270 [ 22.768006] [<dff2121e>] pcmcia_register_driver+0xae/0x130 [pcmcia] [ 22.768006] [<c01b0c34>] ? tracepoint_module_notify+0x24/0x30 [ 22.768006] [<c05de5a3>] ? notifier_call_chain+0x43/0x60 [ 22.768006] [<e006b00d>] init_com_on_air_cs+0xd/0xf [com_on_air_cs] [ 22.768006] [<c0101135>] do_one_initcall+0x35/0x170 [ 22.768006] [<e006b000>] ? init_com_on_air_cs+0x0/0xf [com_on_air_cs] [ 22.768006] [<c0180da6>] sys_init_module+0x116/0x1090 [ 22.768006] [<c010301f>] sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x28 [ 22.768006] Code: Bad EIP value. [ 22.768006] EIP: [<00000000>] 0x0 SS:ESP 0068:dc6c3d34 [ 22.768006] CR2: 0000000000000000 [ 22.814676] ---[ end trace a76f7fec01412f5e ]---

I'm using a desktop P4 with pci-to-pcmcia: 03:00.0 CardBus? bridge: ENE Technology Inc CB1410 Cardbus Controller (rev 01)

root@persephone:/usr/src/linux-2.6# lspcmcia Socket 0 Bridge: [yenta_cardbus] (bus ID: 0000:03:00.0) Socket 0 Device 0: [com_on_air_cs] (bus ID: 0.0)

root@persephone:/usr/src/linux-2.6# pccardctl info PRODID_1="DOSCH-AMAND" PRODID_2="MMAP PCMCIA" PRODID_3="MXM500" PRODID_4="V1.00" MANFID=0204,0000 FUNCID=254

Modules which com_on_air_cs requested internally loaded successfully, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something here.

#1 {MM-INFO-SUGGEST} message not sent with ext bit set to 0 libdect defect Oct 5, 2010

GAP (ETSI EN 300 444) section 8.29 (Location update) requires two consecutive {MM-INFO-SUGGEST} messages to be sent, one with the ext bit set to one, one with the ext bit set to zero, presumably for compatibility with old equipment. libdect always sets the ext bit to one on the final octet.

#2 Namespace clashes between kernel and userspace libdect defect Oct 6, 2010

There are two namespace clashes between userspace and kernel:

  • kernel: include/linux/dect_netlink.h enum dect_ari_classes
  • libdect: include/dect/identities.h enum dect_ari_classes

This one should probably be resolved by removing parsing of the inner ARI structure from the kernel completely since it doesn't need this knowledge.

  • kernel: include/linux/dect_netlink enum dect_llme_ops
  • libdect: include/dect/llme.h struct dect_llme_ops

In this case one of both needs to be renamed.

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