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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#5 Sliding collision errors Com-on-Air drivers defect kaber assigned Oct 12, 2010
#6 tipc problems while building on Ubuntu kernel stack defect kaber accepted Oct 20, 2010
#21 Kernel Oops when loading com_on_air_cs (unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference) Com-on-Air drivers defect kaber accepted May 19, 2011
#77 TcpDump/WireShark will not build with libpcap(dect) libdect defect kaber new Sep 4, 2011
#76 Support for LMX3161 Com-on-Air drivers task kaber new Aug 23, 2011
#1 {MM-INFO-SUGGEST} message not sent with ext bit set to 0 libdect defect kaber accepted Oct 5, 2010
#2 Namespace clashes between kernel and userspace libdect defect kaber accepted Oct 6, 2010
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