Linux 3.1 merged, P640j MAC/DLC/NWK layer support

I've merged the DECT tree with the Linux 3.1 release and pushed out experimental support for P640j (Wideband) in the MAC/DLC/NWK layers. Besides the kernel, libnl and libdect need to be rebuilt (Build instructions).

Asterisk wideband support is still unfinished and chan_dect will currently not build cleanly, only update if you intend to work on chan_dect yourself or want to play with wideband using the libdect example code.


5. dJohnDoeQ89 -- 2011-12-02 23:31

Hi All, Thanks for your replies. I did 'yum neat metadata' and 'yum simple headers' cos I did not pine for to run out of those packages (which I may scarcity if I re-install my system. It worked!!! But then I catchword something strange. There was no update seeking wrap related substance, but there was one update for nautilus-cd-burner. Was there any update exchange for tie up in last few days at all? Thanks again to all of you. kotisivut