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Linux Kongress 2010 slides

I've also uploaded my slides from Linux Kongress 2010 to the Wiki. They are somewhat outdated, but contain a much more complete overview of the DECT stack and should provide a better picture than the OsmoDevCon slides to people not versed in wireless communication technologies.

OsmoDevCon 2013 slides

I've uploaded my presentation slides from !OsmoDevCon2013 to the Wiki. The PDF/HTML files have been generated using MagicPoint and look about as crappy as you would expect. Enjoy :)

libnl 3.2 merged

I've merged libnl 3.2 into the DECT libnl tree and converted libdect to the new libnl file hierarchy. Unfortunately this means libdect will currently not build against older versions of libnl, to fix this I'll probably convert the build system to automake.

Please test and report.

Linux 3.8 merged

I've merged the latest major kernel release (v3.8) into the DECT tree. There are no changes affecting the userspace API, everything should continue to work without further changes. The current tree can be fetched at git://

Since I'm currently traveling and don't have any hardware for testing available, please let me know whether things are still working fine for you.

Short-term plans are to finish support for the SC14452 and US-DECT during the OsmoDevCon? next week. If someone is interested in providing me remote access to a CoA Type III device, I'll also look into finishing support for these.

Linux 3.5 merged

I've merged the DECT tree with the Linux 3.5 release. Experimental support for US-DECT for the UPCS band will also be pushed out soon.

Linux 3.1 merged, P640j MAC/DLC/NWK layer support

I've merged the DECT tree with the Linux 3.1 release and pushed out experimental support for P640j (Wideband) in the MAC/DLC/NWK layers. Besides the kernel, libnl and libdect need to be rebuilt (Build instructions).

Asterisk wideband support is still unfinished and chan_dect will currently not build cleanly, only update if you intend to work on chan_dect yourself or want to play with wideband using the libdect example code.

P640j/wideband support

I've pushed out P640j/wideband support, so far only for the 1442x firmware, the upper layers still need a bit of work. P640j can only be enabled if the PCMCIA driver is deselected and requires a firmware rebuild. I'd appreciate feedback whether things are still working properly on the PCMCIA devices.

Linux 3.0 merged

I've merged the DECT tree with the Linux 3.0 release. P640j/Wideband support will also be pushed out soon.

Linux 3.0.0-rc3 merged

I've merged with Linus' current tree, due to a newly assigned netlink family, the NETLINK_DECT value has changed. Both the libnl and libdect trees need to be updated as well and recompiled against the current set of kernel headers (specifically, using the current include/linux/netlink.h file).

Refer to the Build instructions if in doubt.

Git problems should be fixed

Thanks to Harald, the git problems should be fixed now. Apparently OpenVZ by default limits the amount of sockets per instance to 1% of the global limit. Git is forking wildly, creating lots of orphaned sockets until it hits the limit.

Git problems

Some people have reported problems when cloning the kernel tree, unfortunately these are so far unresolved. The kernel changes can alternatively be obtained in patch form from Patches.

ASL with support for SC1445x/1448x

I've created a git repository of the ASL macro assembler with support for the SC1445x/1448x DIPs. This is not needed for building the Com-on-Air firmware and is only useful for people interested in working on adding support for new hardware.


New asterisk git tree

Due to git object corruption in the asterisk git tree which prevented further resyncs with upstream SVN, I've replaced the tree by a fresh import of asterisk and chan_dect.

The history of chan_dect is retained, however the tree is not connected to the old one and needs to be recloned.


2.6.38-rc2 update notes

I've merged the DECT kernel tree with upstream 2.6.38-rc2. Due to addition of the AF_ALG socket family, the AF_DECT numeric values have changed. To update, the new version of inlude/linux/socket.h needs to installed in /usr/include/linux and libdect needs to be rebuilt.

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dectmon released

I've uploaded a first release of dectmon, a DECT protocol decoder. It can decode MAC, DLC and NWK-layer messages and show their content in a human readable form. See Siemens for examples.

Additionally it can track key allocation and, if the PIN is known, can calculate the resulting User Authentication Key, from which the cipher keys are derived. Once finished, this can be used to decode ciphered communication.


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New libpcap git tree

Since the libpcap developers have finally switched from CVS to git, I've replaced the outdated libpcap-dect tree by a new one based on the official tree from From now on the libpcap-dect tree will resync with upstream regulary.

The history of the old tree is not connected to the new one, therefore it needs to be re-cloned from scratch: