Posts for the month of April 2013

Linux Kongress 2010 slides

I've also uploaded my slides from Linux Kongress 2010 to the Wiki. They are somewhat outdated, but contain a much more complete overview of the DECT stack and should provide a better picture than the OsmoDevCon slides to people not versed in wireless communication technologies.

OsmoDevCon 2013 slides

I've uploaded my presentation slides from !OsmoDevCon2013 to the Wiki. The PDF/HTML files have been generated using MagicPoint and look about as crappy as you would expect. Enjoy :)

libnl 3.2 merged

I've merged libnl 3.2 into the DECT libnl tree and converted libdect to the new libnl file hierarchy. Unfortunately this means libdect will currently not build against older versions of libnl, to fix this I'll probably convert the build system to automake.

Please test and report.