Posts for the month of June 2011

Linux 3.0.0-rc3 merged

I've merged with Linus' current tree, due to a newly assigned netlink family, the NETLINK_DECT value has changed. Both the libnl and libdect trees need to be updated as well and recompiled against the current set of kernel headers (specifically, using the current include/linux/netlink.h file).

Refer to the Build instructions if in doubt.

Git problems should be fixed

Thanks to Harald, the git problems should be fixed now. Apparently OpenVZ by default limits the amount of sockets per instance to 1% of the global limit. Git is forking wildly, creating lots of orphaned sockets until it hits the limit.

Git problems

Some people have reported problems when cloning the kernel tree, unfortunately these are so far unresolved. The kernel changes can alternatively be obtained in patch form from Patches.